Sara Rawat

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Artist Sara Rawat, born in Bolton, UK, where she still lives and works. Currently studying at the University of Salford and will be completing a degree in BA (Hons) Fine Art in the year 2021. Her art practice pays homage to her Indian roots and this is present in her saturated colour palette, embroidery patterns, paintings of national birds and animals, use of language and musical instruments. In addition to this, her work often references the Carribean, specifically the Dominican Republic and combines Indo-Carribean influences into her work, by taking inspiration from artists like Chitra Ganesh and contemporary artists like Saira Wasim, Shazia Sikandar and Cándido Bidó. Inspired by Bollywood films she watched while growing up, Dominican Bachata and poetry, her practice speaks naturally upon the beauty of multiculturalism, immigration and home, all while combining her lived experiences of growing up as a woman of colour in the North West of England. Speaking upon the diversity problem within the creative industries in her work is necessary and important.


Exploring themes of love and connectedness by examining different human relationships with herself and the people she meets both in real life and online. She achieves this by zooming into the little details in her pen portraits which combine different techniques and materials and are often completed by using traditional sewing techniques that she learnt from her grandmother. In her collage pieces that are completed on paper or other surfaces. The subjects in her portraits are usually people of colour and belong to multidimensional religious and cultural identities, this plays a huge role in Sara’s work and it is important for her to display these complex yet exciting themes in the most honest, authentic and creative manner. 


Her work specialises in watercolour still life, taken in family settings which capture images of her home and family, with a focus on everyday objects, like tea cups and fruit bowls.The objects are painted from different perspectives and focus on rich shadows, placed in bold compositions, contrasting with harmonious colours. Her practice shares elements of love and togetherness by finding beauty in the mundane.

Through her practice she breaks down what it means to love and be loved.